PRNV Services is one of the best advertising firms for service providers & others. It started on October 28, 2022, with the slogan “No Middlemen - No Commission" to usher in a new era of corporate services. The slogan implies that there will be no middlemen to pay commission in this booking process. Our main goal is to match customers with suitable service providers so that they can choose technicians based on ratings, reviews, and offers. We also have hundreds of franchises who are excellent at building their own business in every corner of the city for PRNV services, making it the industry's largest serving online platform. Our Mission: Our mission is to empower millions of service providers and assist them in reaching every corner of Hyderabad. Customers can select the service provider who best meets their needs. They can communicate directly and negotiate prices. So, to bring all service providers together, we are heavily promoting franchisees on a large scale. In addition, as an advertising firm, we assist other businesses in expanding by attracting the targeted audience through our large audience base platform. Our Vision: Our vision is to provide each service provider with excellent customer connectivity through a strong franchisee and advertising system. We want to become the largest advertising company in the emerging market and customers' first choice in the coming years. We also want to be the most profitable organization in terms of providing leads to our service providers and being their top priority. How does it Work? For Customers First Step: Choose Category & Service Provider Choose the category you want to book from the home page, then navigate to the category page and click the "Enquiry Now" button. A pop-up screen will appear; enter your area name and pin code. After submitting, you will see a list of the service providers in that area, choose any service provider and click on Visit Profile. Second Step: Contact & Decide Price Every detail can be found on the service provider's professional profile. Add the work to the cart and proceed to the next step by clicking Book Service. A pop-up box will appear with the service provider's contact number and order id. Now, you can contact the service provider and negotiate the price. Third Step: Work Delivered On Time The service provider will arrive on time with all the necessary equipment to complete the task within the specified time frame. After completing the work, you will be given a one-week work guarantee. What do We do? We provide a platform for skilled and experienced service providers from various industries and locations to connect easily with customers. With our large audience base, we help businesses reach their targeted audience and run commercial advertisements on our website. We also offer a one-week work guarantee to our customers. Why Choose Us? We want to secure your smile by offering amazing benefits for customers, service providers and franchises. For Customer Verified Technician: We offer a professional Service Provider for all of your home's needs and other needs, from replacement to renovation & more. Services On Demand: Book the services you require and get this service provider at your place within the specified time frame. Genuine Price: Our main motto is "No Middlemen - No Commission." So, you can bargain and book at a low cost here. 1-Week Guarantee: We will provide a one-week work guarantee after completing the job, with no additional charges to be paid. For Franchise Zero Investment: Franchises can start operation without any physical office or staff. They just have to subscribe to the monthly plan. Access to all GHMC Areas: Franchises will get access to all areas within the GHMC limit. Also, they can add service providers at any pin code that comes under GHMC areas. 25% Commission: Franchise will get 25% commission on first time enrollment and renewals of Service Providers from PRNV Services. Referral Bonus: Franchises will earn a referral bonus of Rs. 500/- when they add another franchise to PRNV Services. Also, a Service provider under franchise refers to another service provider, then franchise will get 25% commission on newly added service provider. For Service Provider Professional Profile: Service providers will get a professional profile of their business on PRNV Services website by reaching the monthly plan. No Commission to be Paid: Service providers don’t have to pay any commission to the company of their work share. They just have to pay a monthly fee. No GST, TDS & Other Deduction: Here, there will be no GST, no TDS and other deductions, as the service provider will get the total work amount in his hand. Contact & Fix a Price: Service providers can directly contact the customer and fix the price for the work done as per his convenience. Amount In Hand: After the work is finished, the customer will pay the service provider directly in cash or gPay, as preferred by the service provider. Referral Bonus: Service Providers will get a referral bonus of Rs. 250/-, when they share their referral code to other service providers.